Management support to Research and Gender and Ethics: Building Stronger Health Systems

We have been involved in RinGs from the outset, we assisted with the proposal to DFID which initially led to the project being financed. Gender-sensitive health policy is a feature of international commitments and consensus documents and national-level normative statements and implementation guidance in many countries. However, there are gaps in our knowledge about how gender and ethics interface with health systems. This exciting initiative brings together four health systems focused Research Programme Consortia (RPC): Future Health Systems, ReBUILD, RESYST and COMDIS-HSD in a partnership to galvanise gender and ethics analysis in health systems. We manage the communications function for this project which includes all strategic planning, capacity development to researchers working on the project, managing web presence, publishing (academic and other), conference engagement and event organising, policy maker interaction and advocacy, monitoring and evaluation and reporting to donors.

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