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Ivy Chumo

Ivy Chumo

Tell me a bit about yourself and the work you do?

I am always enthusiastic and truly care about helping others achieve more in life. I discovered myself as an inspirational teacher and a passionate researcher who has vulnerable populations at heart. For a very long time I didn’t accept myself as a researcher and ventured into teaching with minimal research in practice. I hadn’t realized that being just a researcher and a teacher is different from inspirational teaching and passionate research. 

Being a Christian, I have appreciated the fact that one can have more than one purpose on earth. Therefore, I am a passionate researcher and believe inspiration teaching and the use of research outputs can change mind-sets; one mind-set at a time.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh or feel really happy?

The last thing that made me really feel happy is when I outgrow from past mistakes having learnt great lessons. I also feel happy when people I support have a feeling of satisfaction and are also happy.

What do you like to do in your leisure time? Do you have any passions or hobbies? What do you like about them?

Playing piano. Piano is a musical instrument and music is refreshing. Through playing piano my mind is usually stimulated. There are many things in piano, to which one can listen and bring attention. One can be mindful of the melodies, the harmony, the relaxed rhythms, the colour of the sounds, and how the components all relate to one another.  When I am not playing piano, I attentively listen to others playing piano.

I also have a hobby of attending concerts as they offer unique excitement of hearing live musicians while providing the sound as it is meant to be heard. 

I also love a place where I can sit with other people, listen, and enjoy music in silence without distractions.

How do you relax or soothe yourself?

Creative art activities; drawing and colouring. I usually draw aimlessly and describe the drawn output. It is from the description that I relieve tension and emotions and I become relaxed.

Can you give us a recommendation for a good book? Why do you like it?

Think Big – from this book I have learned how thinking can transform one’s life.

Who will cry when you die – from this book, I have learned to pursue my life purpose without doubting my capabilities. I have also learnt to kind, disciplined and to support others.

The leader who had no title – I have learnt how to be an effective leader.

The three books have inspired me and also the people around me.

Learned anything new recently that gets you excited?

Earth Observation softwares: ArcGIS and QGIS.

What’s your favourite smell? Why?

Orange, because it’s healthy.

Do you have a favourite song or piece of music that gets you singing and dancing?

Piano beats are fine for my dance

What TV or film do you find entertaining? What would you recommend and why?

Family TV. Anyone can watch including the elderly and children. It is also refreshing

What’s your favourite meal? Why? Does it have any significance?

Basically, I don’t have a favourite meal but I have a specific meal that I hate. As a young child growing up in the highlands on most occasions, we didn’t have the luxury of accessing fish. When fish was brought home a few times, my older siblings would tell me that the fish’s eye will grow in my stomach if I ate it. As a grown up, knowing that the fish cannot grow, I have lived to hate fish and its products.

All meals without fish products are my favourite.

Do you have any tips for how we can spread more kindness and happiness?

Being kind to all. Take time to get to know people around yourself. Spend time in silence. Meditate. Be with nature to be natural. Find what you love to do and do it to the best of your ability. Help people when you have an opportunity to do so. Open your heart to opportunities to learn and grow. Allow yourself to love and be loved. Trust your instincts. Accept mistakes even when they are painful. Do not fear to ask for help.

Do you have a particularly supportive colleague that you would like to celebrate? What makes them great?

My Supervisors at work: (Caroline Kabaria, Sheillah Simiyu and Kanyiva Muindi). They have mentored me.