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Hello every one! My name is Dacia, I am 32 and I’m an artist. I run my small, lovely homemade ceramic workshop in Matera, a small city of the South of Italy. I live with my partner Francesco, my daughter Greta and my two dogs, Plata and Kira.

Even if we are facing a difficult time in Italy, we are trying to do our best to manage our life, adapting and changing our routines to follow the new rules in place to fight the virus. Today, I want to tell you a bit more of us, and in our new habits having been closed at home since the end of January.

Greta taking some sunshine on the balcony with Kira

We all wake up early in the morning, While I prepare breakfast, my daughter Greta goes to play with Kira, one of our two dogs.

School continues online

Time to do homework and follow school lesson online

Our life changed since we have been forced to be locked into our apartment to avoid social contacts and reduce the Corona virus pandemic but Greta still follows the school lessons online and she still has to do her homework.

We all love home made pasta

We all love to make homemade pasta

After that, in order to keep her busy, I involve her in helping me make homemade pasta.

After a quick lunch altogether, I have to do some work. My workshop is closed so I try to produce some souvenirs at home. Greta loves to help with it.

My daughter is never tired, now it is time to paint.

We follow the rules

We go to the shop to buy essential food, we usually do it any day, but we follow the rules and we only do it once a week.

Finally, time to relax. Francesco, Greta and me are watching a film on the sofa, before we go to bed.

‘’Everything will be fine’’

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