Increase the impact of online events with our new superscribe service

We know that researchers put a lot of precious time, effort, and expertise into running informative online events such as workshops and webinars. But what happens to all that work after the event has passed?

Why recording online events isn’t enough

Since 2020 there has been an explosion of online workshops and webinars as the research sector transitioned to remote working. Virtual events have many benefits – increasing the reach and improving access to conferences and seminars and supporting international collaborations. They have, to some extent, made academic spaces more accessible – increasing the diversity of the audience in these conversations and exchanges. Many organizers will record their workshop or webinar, meaning those who couldn’t attend, are able to catch up in their own time. But data shows that engagement rates plummet after the event has passed. After 30 days, your recording is only likely to only get 2 – 6% in views. We think your event and the work you put in deserves more.  

Our new superscribe service

We are expanding our current range of services and launching a new superscribe service to help you extend the reach and expand the outcome of your online events. Superscribing your workshop or webinar ensures your hard work doesn’t go to waste after your event has past, while also creating more products to help get your message out and increase impact.

How will superscribing work?

We can send a communications expert to record your online event and turn these notes into other text-based outputs including blogs, social media posts/tweets, social media cards, white papers and other text-based products. These can then be used to promote your message and also reach different segments of your audience. 

At Pamoja Communications, we have extensive experience in the international development and global health field and are working collaboratively for a range of happy clients. But don’t just take our word for it: check out the testimonials at the footer of our website for a better insight.

Interested in finding out more about this service? Get in touch with the team today and learn how superscribing can revolutionize the impact of your online events!