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Ciao people, my name is Antonio and I’m 26, and I am a singer.  

I currently live with my parents in Brescia a beautiful city in Lombardia. I came back home after long time living abroad and I found myself in quarantine with my mum, dad, my little brother and our dog (Joy). As the pandemic started we took the necessary precautions as instructed. We must all be aware of the risks we could put ourselves and our community in if we do not follow the rules and regulations taken to avoid COVID-19 from spreading out.

I wake up early morning with my brother, and we do morning exercises to keep our body and minds fit and focused.

One of us takes the dog out. I challenge myself with a cold bath everyday.  I found out hot water is not necessary. I’m two weeks in already! 

Grocery shopping is made once a week by one member of the family, who goes along with masks and hand sanitiser. 

Before lunch I read a little bit and do research. In the afternoon, I warm up my voice and record songs to post on social media. With tutorials online I’m trying to learn to play guitar and piano too. 

Dinner time…we are delighted by my mum’s dishes, who’s a MasterChef. 

We then all watch a movie together on the sofa and go to sleep.  In the middle of all this, our dog never stops playing around. Joy has already kept the bed warm

“Hope you’ll be well and safe at home.” 

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